K-M-P Motorsport Products

K-M-P Motorsport Products: paddleshift, differentials, gearbox rebuilds, gears and gearkits and more.

With over 10 years' experience in drivetrain engineering, K-M-P is able to make the best choices for your drivetrain needs. K-M-P specializes in drivetrain components to meet the needs of the dynamic world of professional motorsport. The main products created are custom pneumatic Paddleshift systems, Differentials, Gears and Gearkits (Sequential/Synchromesh) and electronic components. K-M-P also has his own gearbox and differential rebuild department.


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Paddleshift Differentials Gears Service Product list
Paddleshift Differentials Porsche Sequential Service Porsche Sequential
Paddleshift Porsche   Porsche Synchromesh   BMW Final drive
Paddleshift Options   BMW Final drive   Paddleshift
Components   LS Gear oil   Differential parts
M4 ABS Porsche
PDK Steering wheel