K-M-P Motorsport Products is your partner to find the right Limited Slip Differential. 

K-M-P Motorsport Products is the official dealer and service partner for Drexler Automotive. Drexler limited slip differentials are plated differentials which are considered to be one of the best products in this sector. With many years of experience with motorsport vehicles, we are able to give you the best differential setup for your car.

 Benefits of the K-M-P sequential gearset:
• Multiple set up possibilities
• Faster reaction time, better performance
• Low weight
• Hardened billet steel housing
• Forged internals for high tenacity

Rebuild and spare parts

Over thousands differentials are already in use, and Drexler continues to develop new differentials every month. At the moment Drexler LSD´s are available for more than 200 different vehicle types.
For more information please contact us.

K-M-P is able to do rebuilds and installation of Drexler LSD´s. We also supply ZF LSD-plates and ramps.
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