K-M-P Sequential and Synchromesh gears for Porsche 996/997

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K-M-P Porsche gears: strong and reliable

K-M-P proudly presents a new range gears and gearkits. Designed specially for motorsport vehicles and using only high-spec materials, these gears have a significant advantage on the original gears.

Benefits of the K-M-P gears:
• Longer lifetime of gears
• Stronger
• Optimized gear profile

We supply gears and gearkits for the following cars:
Porsche 997 GT3 (sequential)
Porsche 996/997 (H-pattern, synchro)
Mitsubshi evo IX and X
• Subaru WRX and STI

Porsche conversion kit 3rd-4th gear:
K-M-P has a replacement kit for the 3rd and 4th gear. These wider gears have a longer life time and are 35% stronger then the original Porsche gears. This due the 7mm wider gears and the improved gear design.