K-M-P LS Gear oil

K-M-P LS Gear oil: maximum durability

Together with Syntix Lubricants, a full synthetic high performance low friction gear and limited slip differential oil is developed.
The oil is a combination of a high quality synthetic base oil and innovative additives, resulting into a high performance level and an extreme load-carrying capacity in all conditions. This makes K-M-P gear oil perfectly suited for a wide range of gears and hypoid gears with LS in competition and road use cars. Its characteristics ensure maximum protection at extreme high loads and this contribute to a longer life span of the running components.

Benefits of the K-M-P LS Gear oil

• Extreme load-carrying capacity

• Special additives for motorsport endurance

• Outstanding high-temp stability

• Endurable protection against corrosion and deposits

• Excellent anti-stick-slip characteristics

• Outstanding oxidation stability
4.4.1. Gears oil
Available volumes         Downloads
75W90 1L 20L 60L   Productsheet K-M-P LS Gear Oil 75W90
Safetysheet K-M-P LS Gear Oil 75W90
75W140 1L 20L 60L  

Productsheet K-M-P LS Gear Oil 75W140
Safetysheet K-M-P LS Gear Oil 75W140