Porsche Synchro

Due the cooperation with Guard transmissions a whole new range of Porsche synchro gears are available for the European drivetrain market.

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The most advanced and modernized CNC gear-cutting equipment available is used for the manufactering of these gears. All of the gears are cut with class AA grade gear hobs and feature the latest F1 gear profiles.

Contact pressure angles are optimized for maximum strength and each gear tooth has a very prominent "tip relief" placing all contact directly in the center of the tooth. This special feature eliminates any premature wear found in all prior gear designs., which typically occurs at the base and tip of each gear tooth.

These gears are available for the following Porsche's;
• Porsche 996 GT3 (H-pattern, synchro)
• Porsche 997 GT3 (H-pattern, synchro)
Benefits of the K-M-P/GT synchro gearset:
• Longer lifetime of gears
• Stronger
• Optimized gear profile

Available ratio's
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