Bosch M4 ABS Porsche kit

 The Bosch Motorsport M4 Antilock Braking System Porsche kit

 The Bosch ABS M4 system increases brake effectiveness and makes it easier to control slightly unstable vehicles. With the different control settings the driver can select the specific map for the different type of weather, racetrack and his driving style.

The special Bosch M4 ABS Porsche kit can be fitted really easy in the Porsche 996 and 997. All the ABS components will be fitted on specially designed mounting brackets for the Porsche 996/997. The wiring harness contains all the mating connectors and can be connected on the original Porsche wiring harness.

The special Bosch M4 ABS Porsche kit is also available for the Porsche 991. This system comes with specially designed mounting brackets and wiring harness fitted for the Porsche 991.

2.5.4. Bosch Motorsport m4 ABS systeem-02

Benefits of the Bosch Motorsport M4 ABS Porsche kit

- Optimal sliplevel due to the self-teaching system          - User friendly software
- Always highest deceleration possible   - Error logging
- Reset switch in the dashboard   - All M4 signals can be logged over CAN
- 12 position map switch   - Available for front, rear and four wheel drive vehicles
- No extra wiring needed    



The Bosch Motorsport M4 ABS Porsche kit contains the following parts

Bosch Motorsport M4 ABS system 

  • • Hydraulic unit and ECU
  • • Brake pressure sensor
  • • Yaw rate / acceleration sensor
  • • 12 position ABS map switch
  • • Malfunction light
  • • Programming and diagnoses software                     
 2.5.1. Bosch Motorsport m4 ABS systeem

Porsche ABS Wiring harness

  • • Can be fitted directly on existing
 2.5.2. Porsche ABS wiring harness

Porsche Mounting kit

  • • Prepared Porsche braking hoses
  • • Porsche mounting brackets
  • • Porsche installation manual
 2.5.3. Porsche mounting kit


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