GCU-2 - A new approach in professional motorsport !

K-M-P started from scratch with the development of a new Gearbox Control Unit (GCU-2). With all gathered experience from the last 10 years, a more dynamically GCU-2 is created. 

The old GCU was designed in 2001 and had multiple improvements up to 2015. This system was fundamentally designed in
a static way. Once the first paddleshift setup was done, all parameters remained the same.

One of the biggest benefits is an automatic gearpot sensor calibration. It is not needed anymore to calibrate the sensor every time the gearbox is serviced. Even if the sensor value changes during a race, it will be automatically calibrated. All other devices which are using the gearpot voltage signal don't have to be calibrated again because of the gearpot output function. Also a big improvement is the load detection with new shift strategies which will eliminate miss-shifts.

2.7.1. GCU-2


New features:  

- USB communication
- Logging function
- Automatic error detection
- 1NR shifting
- Programmable gearpot output voltage
- Automatic gearpot calibration
- Automatic up shift function
- Load detection
- Compressor temperature input
- Error light
- User friendly software
- Variable blip for electronic throttle
- Shift light

Another new feature is automatic error detection with logging. When a failure like compressor temperature is too high, long-shifts or even wrong calibration occurs, an error will light up, and a message will be sent over the CAN-Bus. Within the user interface errors can be viewed and cleared which makes troubleshooting much easier. 

 2.7.2. display 
 Logging function send over CAN-bus
                                      2.7.3. K-M-P software
 User friendly software (windows based)

Old GCU's can be replaced with the GCU-2. With a small additional harness all extra features can be accessed. Updating the central unit can be combined with the service interval.