Paddleshift Porsche kit

The K-M-P Paddleshift Porsche kit

The K-M-P Paddleshift Porsche system is a high quality pneumatic system specially designed for Porsche. All the components are designed to fit directly into a Porsche 996/997 racing car. 

The latest development regarding the K-M-P Paddleshift system:
Porsche 997 Gearbox potentiometer with dual output
K-M-P Motorsport has designed a hall-effect gearbox potentiometer with a
dual output. Channel 1 has exactly the same output as the Porsche 997 CUP
potentiometer. Channel 2 has a wider range which will be used by the paddleshift system. The original Porsche 997 CUP potentiometer is a analogue sensor with a small measurement range.

The sensor is completely interchangeable with the original Porsche 997 gearbox potentiometer.

 Paddleshift system - Porsche gearbox potentionmeter dual output

The K-M-P Paddleshift Porsche system includes:

Paddleshift system - GCU-2

Paddleshift system - compressor Paddleshift paddle assembly

Paddleshift Central unit-2

• GCU-2 
• Three valves
• Pressure sensor
• Pressure relieve valve
• 650 CC accumulator



Paddleshift High-End compressor

• Easy to mount
• High spec relaybox


Paddleshift Paddle assembly

• Available in 3 different models
• Easy to mount steeringwheel  
• Deutsch chassis connector
• Can be adjusted to customer 
• Standard 4 button layout
• RSR and 2010 Cup lay-out 

Paddleshift throttle body blipper with special porsch bracket  Paddleshift shift actuator with brackets Paddleshift loom Porsche 997

Paddleshift throttle body blipper
special Porsche bracket

• Push blip cylinder
• Mounting bracket for 997.2 throttle   

Paddleshift shift actuator with brackets

• Special Porsche gearlever   
bracket for shift actuator
• To completely remove the gearlever, a
gearbox bracket kit is developed. The clutch signal is used as a detent trigger for shifting between reverse/neutral/first gear. An emergency switch is used to override the shifting strategy and activate the limp home function. We also have a upgrade
kit available for installed Paddleshift systems.

High spec autosport wiringloom

• Plug and play Porsche loom
• Can be adjusted to customer 
• No extra wiring needed


Click here for the complete list of options for the K-M-P paddleshift kit.