Paddleshift components

Paddleshift components

K-M-P Motorsport products has developed pneumatic paddleshift components for all kind of motorsport activities. If our complete paddleshift kit does not fulfill your needs, you can choose for our paddleshift components. More and more motorsport ECU's are prepared for paddleshift. You only need the paddleshift components and wiring to fit a paddleshift system into your car. The wiring and programming can be done by K-M-P if needed.

Paddleshift - dual valve block  Paddleshift - triple valve block  2.4.3. Paddleshift - paddles

Paddleshift - Dual valve block

• With integrated pressure sensor
• Pressure relief valve for safety
• Manual valve override function
• Dash 6 input and dash 4 output
• 600 gram / 90x74x61mm

Paddleshift - Triple valve block

• With integrated pressure sensor 
• Pressure relief valve for safety 
• Three valves for up, down and blip
• Manual valve override function
• Dash 6 input and dash 4
output adapter
• 780 gram / 110x74x61mm

Paddleshift - Paddles

• Straight or parallel type
• Touring car or formula type paddle
• Left and right type
• With 500mm flying leads
• Normally open 2 amps switch
• 2x M4 mounting holes
• 50 gram

Paddleshift system -  blipper

Paddleshift system - shift cylinder D4 V2  Paddleshift system - Air buffer 800cc

Paddleshift - Blip actuator

• In-line push cylinder
• Dash 4 adapter
• Special mounting bracket
• 25mm stroke, 16mm bore
• 80 gram
• Up to 10 bar

Paddleshift - Shift actuator

• 50mm stroke, 34mm bore
• 8mm rod ends
• Double acting with 2 dash 4 adapters
• Special coating for low friction
• 155 gram
• Up to 10 bar

Paddleshift - Accumulator

• Pressure accumulator with a volume of 800cc 
• Dash 6 adapters
• Mounting bracket for universal installation 
• Up to 10 bar
• 370 gram

Motec M1 Paddleshift Kit

The paddleshift components are easy to control with the Motec M1 ECU. If the car is not equipped with Drive By Wire (DBW), the package will come with a triple valve block and blip cylinder.

01.01.00250 - Motec M1 with DBW Package
01.01.00251 - Motec M1 without DBW Package 

Motec M1 Paddleshift Package
Motec M1 Paddleshift Options