Paddleshift Options

The following options are available for the K-M-P Paddleshift system.

Steeringwheel plates
K-M-P designs and manufactures custom-made steeringwheel plates on demand. From switches to shiftlights, everything can be designed to meet your specific requirements. 

To set-up the K-M-P paddleshift system perfectly for your specific vehicle, the engineers of K-M-P are able to do this for you during a testday.

The K-M-P paddleshift system can be installed in the vehicle by the engineers of K-M-P. This can be done on site or in our workshop.

Service (online and track support) 
Our engineers are often be found on the European racing circuits. We are able to provide service from our office using the latest remote control technologies. We can analyse data directly to provide fast service for our customers.