K-M-P Motorsport Products has his own gearbox and differential rebuild department. Gearbox rebuilds for Hewland, Drenth, Sadev, Hollinger, Ricardo and many more are performed by our staff.

With the combination of knowledge, practical experience and customer´s feedback we can design and manufacture your drivetrain components.

For customer specific needs we can design and manufacture driveshafts, gears and parts for historic gearboxes and differentials from small series to one off.

Our workshop is well equipped to service a broad range of gearboxes and differentials from world´s best manufactures. Due to the direct contacts with these manufactures we can always think one step ahead for our customers.

Gearbox rebuilds
Experience is crucial when gearboxes are rebuilded. Since the founding of K-M-P Motorsport products our rebuild department rebuilded sequential gearboxes from the world's best gearbox manufacturers. This experience makes K-M-P your best partner
when it comes to gearbox rebuilding. We continuously invest in maintaining our technical knowledge.

Differential rebuilds
Rebuilding a differentials is a specialistic job which makes this job done by only a few mechanics. Throughout years of experience our rebuilding department is capable to rebuild almost every differential. We can also supply new parts and complete differentials.

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